10 Good reasons to work with us

We are awesome

Easy: People can participate at any time, without preparation or downloading an app.

Flexible: The system works on every device, independent of the platform (iOS, android, windows,...).

Independent: Everybody can bring in its own device, no rental of devices needed.

Accessible: Also people outside the meeting can follow and participate (audio- and video stream).

Full Package: All interactive tools used in a today's meeting (voting, twitter, questioning, quiz, evaluation forms,....) are included.

Interpreter tool: you can follow the meeting in your own language, interpreters stay in London.

Last Minute: Content (slides, polls) can be changed. Even a few minutes before the presentation.

User Friendly: Very easy to use and moderate.

Secure: Also a local setup (without use of internet) is possible. We handle your data 100% secure.

Co2 optimal: no travel of interpreters needed anymore.